My Final Top 25


To give everyone an idea of strength of schedule and who beat whom, I decided to put in each teams Quality Wins (QW) and starting at #16 their Bad Losses (BL).

1. Alabama (13-1)                      QW: Michigan, LSU, Georgia, ND

2. Oregon (12-1)                          QW: Oregon St., Kansas St.

3. Texas A&M (11-2)                  QW: Alabama, Oklahoma

4. Ohio St. (12-0)                         QW: Nebraska, Penn St., Michigan

5. Stanford (12-2)                        QW: Oregon St., Oregon

6. Georgia (12-2)                          QW: Florida, Nebraska

7. Notre Dame (12-1)                   QW: Michigan, Stanford, Oklahoma

8. South Carolina (11-2)             QW: Georgia, Clemson, Michigan

9. Florida (11-2)                           QW: Texas A&M, LSU, South Carolina, Florida St.

10. Louisville (11-2)                    QW: Florida

11. Kansas St. (11-2)                   QW: Oklahoma, Texas

12. Florida St. (12-2)                   QW: Clemson

13. Clemson (11-2)                      QW: LSU

14. LSU (10-3)                              QW: South Carolina, Texas A&M

15. Oklahoma (10-3)                   QW: Texas

16. Michigan (8-5)                       QW: Northwestern                  BL: None

17. Northwestern (10-3)             QW: None                                 BL: None

18. Texas (9-4)                             QW: Oregon St., Baylor          BL: West Va., TCU

19. Vanderbilt (9-4)                    QW: None                                  BL: None

20. Nebraska (10-4)                    QW: Northwestern                   BL: UCLA

21. Oregon St. (9-4)                     QW: None                                  BL: Washington

22. Penn St. (8-4)                         QW: Northwestern                  BL: Ohio, Virginia

23. Baylor (8-5)                             QW: Kansas St.                       BL: West Va., ISU

24. Boise St. (11-2)                       QW: None                                 BL: Mich. St., SDSU

25 Utah St. (11-2)                         QW: None                                 BL: BYU

During next season I will post this every week with an explanation of my more controversial picks.

This list is obviously based on nothing other than my opinion; so please, tell me why I’m wrong!

Talking Points:

Ohio State:  Simple. Do you think they would beat Oregon or Texas A&M tomorrow?

Notre Dame:  I have been saying all year that they were extremely over-rated, and their luck finally ran out. No missed field goal in overtime at home against Pittsburgh (with 2 players on the field with the same number, thanks refs) could get them out of this one. No bad calls like the ones against Stanford would have mattered. They got embarrassed.

Louisville: Learn this name, Teddy Bridgewater. If he can get a little bit more accurate he will be a great one. Look, the only reason they aren’t higher is because Florida beat some great teams this year and Louisville lost to two bad teams. With that said, WOW. Louisville destroyed Florida almost as badly as Alabama beat ND. The score was 33-10 midway through the 4th Quarter until Florida returned a kickoff for a TD. Louisville’s kicker also missed 2 field goals and an extra point…

Baylor: They played great down the stretch and honestly, when their offense is clicking, I think they can beat a lot of teams ranked higher than them. Maybe even crush them. I’m looking at you Kansas St!

San Jose St., Northern Illinois: They didn’t beat a single good team. Tell me who you think they would beat. Okay, other than Utah St. I had to pick someone though.

End of the Year Awards:

Best Quarterback: Johnny Manziel

Best Running Back: Monte Ball

Best Wide Receiver: Marqise Lee

Defensive MVP: Jadeveon Clowney

Best True Freshman: T.J. Yeldon

Coach of the Year: Bill O’Brien

Most Overrated throughout the year: Notre Dame

Most Underrated throughout the year: Louisville

Final Thoughts:

The SEC is definitely the best conference in the country again. However, they weren’t anywhere near as good as people made them out to be. The bowl season proved that in my opinion.

The Big Ten on the other hand may have been the most under-rated conference this year. If you realize that Penn St. and Ohio St. were on probation and therefore couldn’t play in bowl games, then this was a solid conference. Albeit with only one elite team.

The Pac-12 is probably the most top-heavy conference. Two great teams and then, cliff. Because of this, Oregon St. was maybe the hardest team to rank for me.

Hope you liked this. Let me know what changes you would recommend and I’ll do my best.


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